What is Medical Massage


What is Medicine?

Last month we talked about massage and the dictionary was able to provide a very succinct and accurate definition.  The word “medicine” is a little more confusing than “massage” and so the idea of medical massage is not as simple as non-medical massage therapy and it takes a little more explaining. 

Here’s the Marriam-Webster definition of medicine:


1aa substance or preparation used in treating disease

1bsomething that affects well-being

2athe science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or cure of disease

2bthe branch of medicine concerned with the nonsurgical treatment of disease

3a substance (such as a drug or potion) used to treat something other than disease

4an object held in traditional American Indian belief to give control over natural or magical forces, also magical power or a magical rite

For the purposes of Medical Massage, medicine can be described as “something that affects well-being”  and “the science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or cure of disease.”  It is also most certainly a non-surgical treatment, but it does not use drugs.  It is also important to realize, when administered appropriately by the right person, medical massage can certainly seem as if it is magic! 

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The Primary Difference

What separates a medical massage therapist from spa massage therapists is this:  a medical massage therapist focuses his attention on specific medical issues rather than providing a general improvement in comfort, but more importantly he is actually authorized to use various modalities to heal the restriction or stress causing pain. 

The most important word in that explanation is “heal” and Marriam-Webster offers a good definition of just what it is:

1a: to make free from injury or disease : to make sound or whole

1b: to make well again : to restore to health

2a: to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome : mend

With the exception of the word “disease,” this is a pitch perfect description of medical massage.  Medical Doctors use drugs and surgery to heal disease and some injury.  Medical Massage Therapists “make sound or whole”, “make well again”, “restore to health”, “mend” and overcome undesirable conditions using touch.

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The Gift of Healing

Just as we discussed in regards to touch, there is a gift of healing.  Many people are driven to a career in medicine, because they have this gift and they have a desire to use it professionally.  Yet, a medical doctor can prescribe the right medicine or perform a perfect surgery without the gift of healing and you will get well, because that facet of medicine is very technical.    However, if your doctor has the gift of healing, no one has to explain there is something in his treatments that go far beyond his medical training.

Because healing is not specifically quantifiable, there are many kinds of practitioners, from a mother kissing her child’s banged knee, to a first responder calming down the distraught victim of an accident.  Because so many people are in need of healing, there are also a wide range of charlatans who offer hope in a variety of packages – tonics, therapies and even miracles.

Medical Massage is a very unique form of treatment.  To successfully mend the restrictions and stresses which cause pain, a Medical Massage Practitioner needs to possess two gifts that no one can give them, teach them or hand down to them.  The Medical Massage Practitioner must have both the gift of touch and the gift of healing.

Dwight TinneyDwight Lee Tinney Has the Gift of Healing

In spite of his wall of certificates, attesting to his knowledge of wellness, in general, and medical massage, specifically, Dwight would be the first to tell you the courses represented by those certificates are not the primary source of the relief he offers to his patients.  His healing touch is his gift to his patients.

You don’t have to trust his word on this.  Listen to his patients.  Read their testimonies.  Dwight is able to provide healing to his patients primarily through his touch, but it is more than that.  His calm spirit, his empathy, his patience, his perseverance, his humor, his sympathy and a variety of other qualities, which defy definition, make him a healer.

The great majority of people who come to Dwight find healing for their undesirable physical conditions, when those conditions cannot be addressed by medical doctors.  Of course, he can’t guarantee success, because the body is a complex instrument, but it is rare for patients to continue in their pain once Dwight begin to treat them.

If you are suffering, please call us now at 903-456-5712.  Dwight’s gift of touch might be all you need to get on the road to a pain-free life.

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