Change can relieve pain, help you stand up straight and get off pain pills

Client Recommendations

These testimonials represent on a portion of the many people who recommend Dwight Lee Tinney and DFW Medical Massage for relief and healing in Rockwall TX.  You can also find many testimonials, client recommendations and high ratings on our social sites.  With therapy from DFW Medical Massage patients can relieve pain, stand up straight again, stand taller, improve range of motion, get off of pain pills, return to simple household tasks, bend over, lift their arms over their head, relieve persistent pain and resolve other issues keeping them from a life of health and wellness.

Stand Up Straight

When James first came as a client, he couldn’t stand up straight – hadn’t been able to for years.  What’s more, he couldn’t climb a staircase.  He’d have to bend over and put his hands on the steps to go up or down. Most people can’t imagine living like that, but too many people do.  Dwight’s passion is helping these people.

James was amazed at how quickly his situation was completely reversedHe was standing up straight.  His ability to walk improved drastically.  And those stairs?  Well, you’ll just have to take a look at the video!  As a bonus, he was once again taller than his wife!

There was no surgery involved in his treatment.  This is an actual example of what a difference medical massage can make in your life.  Today James is still standing up straight, his walking and stair climbing continues to improve.  Best of all, he is training his muscle memory so his healthy condition can continue throughout his life.


Relieve pain, stand up straight, get off pain pills

Bob’s Story

In the beginning you can see how deformed his back had become.  When he flexed his muscles, his shoulder blades stood out like wings.  As you can see from the crooked belt in the first picture, he couldn’t even stand straight.  As therapy continued, Bob’s condition improved and in a very short time he was in  standing straight.  His muscles were beginning to line up appropriately.   His pain had been relieved.  In the “After” picture you can see that Bob has been transformed.  Likewise, with the proper treatment, you too can overcome your challenges and get off pain pills.


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Mandy Banks

I had a fantastic experience! You can tell that he genuinely cares about YOU and how you feel. He is not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants therapist. He is medically trained and very knowledgeable in a lot of areas. I will be going back soon. He’s definitely gained a customer for a very long time!

Jack Robinson

Very talented medical massage therapist. Every time I have gone to him with a problem, he quickly identifies what is the cause and works on it. I have never walked out his place not feeling 100% better than when I went in!

Larannas Salenthani

Dwight really knows his stuff!!! I’ve been in to see him a couple times now and he’s always been able to relieve a lot of the tension I have. A+!!!
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relieve pain, stand up straight, get off pain pills

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