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Wellness Videos Available Soon

Wellness – a state of mind, body and spirit.  Bring these three facets into harmony and begin to truly enjoy your life.  Massage therapy, to relieve pain and stress, is just a first step in developing a better lifestyle.  Dwight Tinney, licensed as a Medical Massage Practitioner, is able to help.  But his concern for you does not end there.  He is also trained and experienced in other facets, like Fitness Nutrition, Reflexology and Yoga.  Soon he will offer his expertise and experience in Videos through this website.  Subscribe to this blog for updates about this exciting development.

Exercise Videos

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Exercise Videos Coming Soon Taking the guesswork, time, effort and expense out of exercising is something Dwight Tinney is passionate about.  That’s why he is about to start producing Exercise Videos. Love going to the gym?  Great!  Use Dwight’s videos to make the time…