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A healthy lifestyle promotes a happy life.  However, people suffering pain or burdened by stress often fail to achieve this simple goal. DFW Medical Massage and Action Fitness assist clients to overcome these hindrances.

Dwight Tinney, Medical Massage Practitioner, first attacks the soft tissue issues contributing to pain and stress.  Once this initial condition eases, other tools contribute to a client’s success.  Massage therapy  accompanied by the right exercises and nutrition take you beyond the initial concerns.  A pain-free, stress-free person empowered to pursue healthy living finds happiness with greater ease.  As a result, Dwight, also a Certified Personal Trainer, helps you pursue the healthy lifestyle you want.

Exercise Videos

Action Fitness, Exercise Videos

Exercise Videos Coming Soon Taking the guesswork, time, effort and expense out of exercising is something Dwight Tinney is passionate about.  That’s why he is about to start producing Exercise Videos. Love going to the gym?  Great!  Use Dwight’s videos to make the time…