Sit Up Straight! Stand up Straight!


How many times have you heard it?  “Sit up straight!” “Stand up straight!”

How many reasons have you been given to do so?

  • Sit up straight at the table.  It’ll help with your digestion.
  • Stand up straight.  You’ll look more handsome/pretty.
  • Sit up straight at your desk.  You’ll look like you’re paying attention
  • Stand up straight in that dress/suit.  It will fit/look better.
  • Sit up straight when you’re on the phone.  Your voice will have more energy.
  • Stand up straight.  You’ll look thinner.
  • Sit up straight at the interview.  You’ll be more likely to get the job.

While all those are great suggestions and the reasoning is sound, you should sit and stand up straight for one reason – it’s better for you.

Your body was designed to perform optimally when it is aligned properly.  Sitting and standing up straight may seem like it takes more effort, but in the long run it’s a lot easier than dealing with the consequences of slouching.  If you slouch when you sit, stand and walk for long enough, the damage you do to yourself could be irreparable.

Your skeleton is the frame work which supports the rest of your body.  Ligaments connect your bones together and tendons connect your muscles to your bones.  Holding the rest of it together, like organs and skin, is connective tissue.  What this means is, the pain in your gut might not have anything to do with your digestion.  You may just need to sit and stand up straight!

Modern medicine is all about vaccines to prevent disease and medication or surgery to treat symptoms.  While standing up straight can’t prevent catching an infection, there’s a lot of symptoms you won’t have to deal with if you’ll just keep an eye on your posture.

What’s even better, siting up straight won’t cost you a penny, but it could save you a fortune.  Make siting, standing and walking straight your new hobby.  When you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window or mirror, check your posture.  It will do more for you than checking your hair or comparing what you’re wearing to everyone else.  When you have an option, choose the straight back chair over the easy chair.  If you sit on a sofa, support yourself with pillows to keep yourself erect.  Here are some other ideas:

  • When you spend a lot of time sitting down, set an alarm to go off every 20 minutes and shift your position a little bit.
  • After switching positions several times, stand up!  You don’t have to leave your desk or quit working.  Just do what you were doing from a standing position for a few minutes.  Perhaps make a deal to with yourself to stand up whenever you take a call.
  • If you’re on the phone a lot, don’t hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder.  Sit erect and hold the phone with your hand or wear a headset.
  • And put up that phone occasionally, especially when you’re walking.  Looking down while you walk causes accidents, but it also causes misalignment in your neck.

Here’s another idea:  have frequent massages.  You don’t have to wait until something goes terribly wrong and you are in serious pain.  Every day each of us puts our body through a variety of stresses.  A regular schedule of massages will help keep your body in alignment and relieve the restrictions that build up in your muscles.  Think of it as preventative medicine.  You’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

When you do get a massage come to DFW Medical Massage.  Dwight Lee Tinney is a licensed Medical Massage Practitioner.  While a spa massage can make you feel good for a while, Dwight is trained to identify and correct specific sources of pain and stress.  He’s also licensed to prescribe therapeutic exercises and advice you on better nutrition choices.  Do more than survive.  Thrive.  Call Dwight at 903-456-5712.  


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