Notes on Pricing

Massage Pricing

Thank you for considering DFW Medical Massage.  We offer a very different value for your investment.  Dwight Tinney is not just a Licensed Massage Therapist certified in a wide variety of Massage Therapies.  He is also certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner.  The MMP designation requires a higher level of training and experience.  Consequently he can deliver a higher level of healing.  He is trained not only to provide temporary relief for soreness, pain and stress.  He is actually qualified to make adjustments to your soft tissue that can lead to eradication of your painful condition.  For more information, please go to the massage page.

Massage Packages

We recommend Massage Packages as a great convenience.  Sometimes during therapy, a patient can benefit from extending the session for 15-30 minutes more, because the technician’s work has brought the patient to a particular threshold in their healing.  With Massage Packages, this additional time can be added to the session without the technician being required to interrupt his concentration or the patient’s enjoyment of the session.

Training Pricing

Training prices include the use of Action Fitness facilities and equipment.  All the equipment you will need, in order to reach whatever fitness goals you have, are available.   Exercises such as Yoga, Weight Resistance and Floor Functional (body weight only)will be utilized to overcome injuries, achieve weight loss or improve balance, flexibility, strength and/or performance.  Dwight Tinney is not only a Certified Personal Trainer, he is also certified in corrective exercise, performance exercise and nutrition.  For more information, please go to the fitness page.

All Package Pricing

When you purchase a package, you can use the time anyway you prefer.  You can use it for massage, training or both.  Anything over one-hour ​can be split between the two.