No More “Mega Pain Pills”


Pain Travels with an Entourage

Pain is usually not a loner. It may initially manifest in one localized area, but it doesn’t stay there. Sprain your ankle and soon you have a trick knee. Strain your lower back and before you know it, your shoulder is hurting. A car wreck wrenches your neck and then your thumbs begin to hurt so much you can’t perform simple tasks. It seems as if as soon as one pain arrives, it sends out invitations to all of its friends.

While that’s what seems to happen, something else is actually going on. When you sprain your ankle, you modify the way you stand and walk, to compensate for the ankle. As a result, you put stress on your knee. In order to protect a sore lower back, you move in ways that throw your shoulder out of whack. Same problem with your stiff neck and sore thumbs.

Enter the Medical Solutions

Our client, Mary, was experiencing this problem. Over the years she had developed a long list of pain-related restrictions. According to her own testimony, she was “barely moving” and “crying all the time.” She was under the care of multiple physicians. She’d had surgery several times and the doctors had prescribed “mega pain pills.”

As with many people, the medical world had let her down. While surgery might resolve one issue, other problems would arise during recovery. While an MRI or x-ray might identify the cause of one complaint, there would be no evidence of a medical reason for other sources of pain. Mary’s tears were evidence of her hopelessness.


Mary Today

Then she came to DFW Medical Massage and was treated by Certified Medical Massage Practitioner, Dwight Tinney. He made a physical assessment and was able to offer a course of massage therapy and at-home exercises to restore her health and well-being. Mary had already tried everything the medical world had to offer. What harm could a few massages and exercises do?

The massages and exercises did no harm at all. In fact, Mary is happy to report she can, “sit up straight,” her “back is stronger,” her hips and shoulders “are better.” According to Mary, “Dwight has helped a lot…tremendously.”

Are You Another Mary?

Does Mary’s story sound like yours or the story of someone you love? Is pain robbing you of a life? We hope Mary’s experience will encourage you to give us a call. While we can’t guarantee we will be able to help every person who walks through the door, we can offer you this hope. The great majority of people who come to us, with their list of painful conditions the medical community can’t address, can be helped by Medical Massage.

If you are suffering, please call us now at 903-456-5712. We may be able to put you on the road to a better life and isn’t that worth a telephone call?

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