Medical Massage Makes 5K Marathon Possible


It Creeps Up On You

As we go through life, we tend to collect things along the way and some of those things are good.  Friends, family, wisdom, experience, skills, memories – the list of good things goes on and on.  But some of the things we collect are not so good: bad habits, grudges, stress and so much more.

An online article by Britain’s Independent points out that we peak in various aspects of our lives at different times.  According to them, psychological well-being peaks at 82, while you’ll be able to learn a language better at 7 or 8.  The good news is you always have something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, pain pain peaks at various times, too.  You can be born with something that hurts.  You can have an injury to create pain at any time.  And pain can also creep up on you.

Something Wasn’t Right

Pain crept up on Crystal.  Sure, she’d had injuries in her life, but for the most part, things had healed.  She hadn’t been born with anything painful, but suddenly back pain was ruling her life.  She couldn’t point out a moment when the pain had begun, but over time, it had slowly, but surely, become a primary consideration.

Simple tasks around the house, like hanging the clothes from the dryer, could only be done in spurts.  Ten minutes of sustained activity was just too painful to endure.  Things other people take for granted were impossible to her.  She couldn’t even walk for a mile.

 Now She’s Running 5K’s

In desperation, to slow down pain’s progress, Crystal came to see Medical Massage Practitioner, Dwight Lee Tinney, of DFW Medical Massage.   Her debilitating pain had built up over time, so it took a series of appointments to reverse the process, but once the massage therapy realigned Crystals back and reduced the accumulated stresses, life got a lot better.

She able to resume doing household chores without interruptions of unbearable pain, and walking became easier,  So, she became a runner and participated in a 5K.  She continues to see Dwight on a regular basis and not only is she pain-free, but she’a able to accomplish more and more.  Pain isn’t in charge anymore.

What’s Your Pain Factor?

Take a personal inventory.  Is pain a factor of your daily life?  Are there activities you avoid or can only do for a short time, because they hurt?  Do you avoid doing new things, going new places or trying out new experiences, because you’re not sure your pain will allow them?  Are simple things like taking a walk, sitting through a movie or climbing stairs not so simple anymore?  Has pain crept up on you?

You don’t have to let pain win!  Call DFW Medical Massage and discuss the situation with Dwight.  Set up an appointment for assessment.  Schedule your first therapy session.  Relief could be right around the corner.

Of course, we can’t guarantee success with every patient who calls, because the body is a complex instrument.  However, it is rare for patients to continue in pain after Dwight begins to treat them.  In fact, the great majority of our patients arrive at a pain-free life, long before they thought it was possible.

If you are suffering, please call us now at 903-456-5712.  The right touch might be all you need to get on the road to a pain-free life.




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