Medical Massage Brings Life-Changing Results


From Handicapped Parking to Hiking Devil’s Tower

Just a picture of another senior citizen on vacation, right?  Don’t be so quick there!  You’re looking at a miracle.

James had five back surgeries, but the world of medicine had failed him.  He was unable to stand up straight.  Going up even a few stair steps was a major maneuver.  His life was dictated by his condition.


Then James came to Dwight Lee Tinney at DFW Medical Massage.  Dwight is a licensed massage therapist certified for medical massage.  The amount of change realized in just a few appointments surprised even Dwight.  Everyone heals at a different rate, but a severe case like James can require a long time to repair, if the damage can be reversed at all.  After remarkably few therapy sessions James was almost walking completely upright.

Because Dwight is also certified by  NASM, (National Academy of Sports Medicine) as a personal trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist, he was able to prescribe several therapeutic exercises to compliment the medical massage therapy.

Watch this personal testimony by James.


Watch James as he demonstrates one of his first attempts at walking upright.  He’s a little awkward in the beginning, but wait for the smile at the end!

And here he is making his first normal trip up a set of stairs.


Need a Miracle?

Though James’ success story seems unbelievable, it’s not really a miracle.  He did experience quicker results than many patients, but we used the same medical massage procedures on him that we can with you.  If you are like most patients, you too will have a remarkable success story.  The great majority of patients who come to us are relieved of their symptoms and enjoy the wellness that comes from lack of pain and stress.

If you’ve tried everything the medical profession has to offer, from medication to surgery, and they have failed, then it’s time to see what medical massage can do for you.  Dwight will use palpation to discover the true root of the restriction causing your symptoms and then will design a course of medical massage therapy and therapeutic exercises to address your specific situation.

IMG952481James true success did not come with the first upright stroll down the hall.  Once a restriction or stress has been addressed, then it is time to strengthen your muscles and retrain your fascial structure.  James continues to see Dwight on a regular basis to preserve the success he’d found.     The real measure of his success is his improved lifestyle.  He wasn’t ready to hike the Tower Trail when Dwight videoed him climbing the stairs for the first time, but through continued therapy James has added hiking back into his life.

If your life is hampered by injury or pain, please give DFW Medical Massage a call, at 903-456-5712.  Dwight would love to help you regain your wellness and return to the things you love to do.


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