Massage Is a Great New Year’s Resolution


Resolutions by the Numbers

If it hasn’t already started, then soon you’re going to be faced with this question, “What’s your New Year Resolution?”  According to Statista, one third of the population refuses to acknowledge having any sort of resolution, but what a waste of an opportunity.

A New Year is a new chance.  It may seem like it’s only the turn of a calendar page, but a trip around the internet will take you to a variety of studies which indicate that our brains love anything new.  Levels of dopamine can be raised and other salutary effects can be realized, but if you choose the wrong resolutions, you can quickly reverse the good vibes.

Of the two thirds of people who do make resolutions at the new year, the greatest majority of them choose three resolutions more than all others:

  • Eat Healthier
  • Exercise More
  • Save Money

The Huffington Post says that only eight percent of those who make these resolutions will keep them.  The reason most often cited for derailing good intentions is small failures.  You plan to eat healthier, but your schedule heats up and two weeks into the New Year you realize all you’ve eaten has been convenience meals and fast food offerings.  You want to exercise more, but you sprain your ankle on your first attempt to exercise and can’t even walk on it.  You plan on saving money, but end up writing a hot check instead.

Part of the problem is that in most cases you’re all alone in your endeavor, so when you’ve gained a pound, skip the gym and fail to even open a savings account, there’s no one there to help you out.  Another part of the problem is just a resistance to change.  Our brains may like the thought of something new, but the actual pursuit of the new thing can kill the buzz.

Avoid the Guilt Trip

Deciding to get massages on a regular basis is a different kind of resolution.  Statista tells us almost a quarter of those making resolutions choose self-care as their goal, but like the big 3, most of those resolutions (like flossing more often, using theraputic masks for your complexion or pumice on your calluses) have the same problems as the big three.  You’re all alone and small failures quickly add up to a complete abandonment of your resolution.

Massage is different.  You’re not all alone.  If you purchase a package of ten 50-minutes massages from DFW Medical Massage, you’re going to have help setting your new habit.  Dwight will schedule your appointments for you and if something gets in the way of you making one of the appointments, he’ll help you choose a time to re-schedule.

Instead of small failures which discourage you, you’ll experience great successes which make keeping your resolution easier.    From your first massage of the year to the last, you’ll get satisfaction and relief.  What’s more, you’ll start to notice incremental improvements in your life – like less stress, less pain, more flexibility, more energy and more stamina.  When you look in the mirror, you’ll see yourself standing taller.

So this year, skip the guilt trip.  Don’t sign up for any of the big three resolutions.  They represent an almost sure guarantee of failure.  Instead, resolve to get regular massages and get a partner to help you keep that resolution.  Catalog your successes and at the end of the year, you’ll be glad you resolved to make a change that mattered.  Call 903-456-5712 to book your first massage.



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