Don’t Live with Pain!


Misplaced Bravery

“I’ve put up with it for as long as I can.”  You have no idea how often I hear those words and they make me cringe.  Pain is a signal your body sends to your brain to indicate something is wrong, not an endurance test with awards for toughness.

Sometimes pain is necessary.  A mother giving birth suffers pain, but only for a very specific period for a very specific reason.   In therapy, some treatments or exercises might hurt, but again, only for a very specific period for a very specific reason.  In those situations an endurance to push through the pain can bring a reward.

However, months, years and decades of dealing with pain is a fruitless endeavor for most people, because there are solutions to pain in most cases.  The real problem isn’t that something can’t be done for the pain, but the majority of people go looking for relief in the wrong places.

Going to the Doctor

When something’s wrong, most people go to the doctor.  That can be a good place to start.  If your pain is caused by a disease or a form of illness, then going to the doctor is exactly the right thing to do.  The doctor can prescribe the medication and treatment needed.  If you break your arm or suffer some other type of injury, go to the doctor.  He can set your broken bone, sew up your laceration and give you some pain pills.   Perhaps your condition is more complicated and you have a situation that requires surgery or a serious treatment, like chemotherapy.  Go to the doctor.

Primarily, doctors have three, drugs, surgery and technology.  However, if you don’t have a disease or an obvious injury, medicine might not have any answers for you, besides painkillers and painkillers are, at best, only a temporary solution.

Climbing on the Therapy Table

As good as doctor’s are at what they do, they can’t fix everything.  If your doctor has admitted medicine doesn’t have a remedy for your pain, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with it.  Just because a doctor looks at an x-ray, MRI or CAT scan and says, “I can’t see any reason for your pain,” that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Once the possibility of a medical condition has been eliminated, there is a good chance massage could relieve your from pain.  Not the generalized “feel good” spa massage, however.  If you are in pain, you want a medical massage practitioner like Dwight Lee Tinney.  A medical massage practitioner uses touch to identify the true source of pain and then employs various modalities of massage to correct the situation, relieving the stress or restriction which is causing the pain.

Quit Hurting

Ignoring pain can’t make it go away and in truth, the longer you live with pain, the harder it is to resolve the situation causing your pain and the longer you will require therapy once you have begun.  You aren’t proving your stamina by enduring pain; you are decreasing your body’s ability to perform at its peak.  Listen to the message your pain is sending to you.  Something is wrong!

Most people who come to DFW Medical Massage do have their pain relieved through massage therapy and in many cases, therapeutic exercises.  Because Dwight is both a Medical Massage Practitioner and is also certified by NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine), he is authorized not only to provide massage therapy, but also to prescribe appropriate exercises.  Of course, he can’t guarantee success, because the body is a complex instrument, but the patient who comes to Dwight and can’t be helped is rare indeed.

If you are suffering, please call us now at 903-456-5712.  Dwight’s gift of touch might be all you need to get on the road to a pain-free life.

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