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Dwight Tinney devotes himself to Healthy Living.  His medical records claim technical disability, but his life denies that claim.  Dwight overcame the roadblocks encountered using traditional medical avenues.  Surgery and pain meds didn’t seem like a good way to live.  So, he looked for new answers and eventually found them.

A Medical Massage Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer, with many certifications and specializations, Dwight shares the answers he found to healthy living in his therapy and training office in Rockwall, Texas.  Now he produces videos, so others can share his secrets.

Dwight’s videos contain demonstrations of all the exercises he recommends, to provide an example of their proper execution.

Exercise Videos

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Exercise Videos Coming Soon Taking the guesswork, time, effort and expense out of exercising is something Dwight Tinney is passionate about.  That’s why he is about to start producing Exercise Videos. Love going to the gym?  Great!  Use Dwight’s videos to make the time…