Dwight Lee Tinney is a Massage therapies with the Gift of Healing and the Magic of Touch

About the Heart in Dwight Lee Tinney’s Hands

When it comes to qualifications, certifications and experience, Dwight Lee Tinney of DFW Medical Massage in Rockwall TX can’t be beat, but there’s more to his story than the certificates on his wall.  Dwight came into the health and wellness business as a massage therapist out of his own need to resolve his own pain and disability issues.  Read on to find out about his journey to the gift of healing and his magic of touch.

Dwight was a diver for the US military.  He suffered so many injuries he is now a disabled veteran.  However, he wasn’t satisfied to just suffer the pain of these injuries.  His first attempt to solve his problems was the traditional route: pain medications.  He realized he was on a dead end road, even though his doctors had nothing else to offer.

Dwight Lee Tinney as Military Diver, before he was a Massage Therapist

About His Personal Pilgrimage

Consequently, he had to find his own solutions.  The search for his own relief led to a massage therapist who provided myofascial release.  This therapy was combined with exercise and nutrition.  These were the answers he was looking for.  He realized there were others who were looking for these same solutions.

Dwight Lee Tinney, is a massage therapist with the gift of healing and the magic of touch

Dwight went to work trying to relieve the pain, suffering and stress other people were having; first, as a personal trainer, then as a massage therapist.  Then to effectively heal his clients, rather than just offer temporary relief,  he needed to actually change their situation.  For that he needed to do more than just massage their aching muscles.  He needed to be a medical massage practitioner.

Because Dwight Lee Tinney identifies so completely with his clients in their suffering and their desire for relief, he puts his heart for them into his hands.  This is more than a business to him.  He’s not giving a certain number of minutes into a massage to earn a specific amount of money.  He wants to resolve the physical challenges his clients suffer and move them towards health, wellness and fitness.

The Gift of Healing

Capture certificatesIn spite of his wall of certificates, attesting to his knowledge of wellness, in general, and medical massage, specifically, Dwight would be the first to tell you the courses represented by those licenses and certificates are not the primary source of relief he offers to his patients.  His healing touch is his gift to his clients.

Because healing is not specifically quantifiable, there are many kinds of practitioners, from a mother kissing her child’s banged knee, to a first responder calming down the distraught victim of an accident.  Because so many people are in need of healing, there are also a wide range of charlatans who offer hope in a variety of tonics, therapies and even miracles.  You may have visited one of these.  Many of Dwight’s patients did in the past.  Now their testimonies prove there is hope in the hands of Dwight Lee Tinney.

While massage is a marvelous tool for relieving pain and stress, when combined with the right therapeutic exercise and proper nutrition, the results can be multiplied dramatically. Dwight learned this in his journey to overcome the effects of his disability.  Because of his training, he is qualified to assess the needs of his clients and make recommendations which will expedite the healing process.

The Magic of Touch

healing TouchThere’s one thing they can’t teach in massage school and that’s touch.  You either have it or you don’t.  You don’t even have to have it to get a licence!  Plenty of people pursue a career in massage without it.  With enough practice even someone without the gift of touch can give you a pretty good massage, but the person with a healing touch, with or without a licence, will always be able to give you a better one.  That healing touch is what adds a little magic to a massage.

The magic of a healing touch has two hallmarks.  There is, first of all, an ability to seek out and find the source of pain.  Any massage therapist will usually begin your treatment by asking where you hurt.  They are taught to do that in school, in part because the act of someone hearing your complaint is actually part of the relief process, especially when you have reason to believe the person has an ability to fix your problem.

This practice also acts as a cover for those who don’t have the gift of a healing touch, directing them to their area of focus.  In massage school therapist are taught a series of techniques that can relieve pain in certain areas and for most patients, when those techniques are applied, they’ll feel better, for awhile.

Hands-On Assessment

person s right hand

A therapist with the gift of a healing touch will listen to the description of your pain, but they can’t wait to get their hands on you, because that’s how they find out what is really going on.  As they run their fingers across your skin, they can feel the stress of your complaint area and follow the stress and restrictions to the true source of the problem, which to the layman’s eye might seem totally unrelated.

The second part of the gift of a healing touch is related to the actual application of pressure and manipulation.  Massage school can teach you to apply various amounts of pressure and suggest which level is appropriate for various complaints, but someone with the gift knows this innately.  They don’t actually think about the process, because it is something that comes naturally.  Their touch actually knows better what to do than they would be able to explain to you.

For the great majority of people who do find Dwight, their pain is relieved, because he can find the root of the problem and has the right touch in his therapy.  Of course, he can’t guarantee success, because the body is a complex instrument, but the patient who comes to Dwight Lee Tinney and can’t be helped is rare indeed.

If you are suffering, please call us now at 903-456-5712.  Dwight’s gift of touch might be all you need to get on the road to a pain-free life.