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Dwight Lee Tinney | Licensed Massage Therapist | Medical Massage Practitioner


Medical Massage is a very specific type of therapy relieving many problems related to pain and stress, with modalities such myofascial release and myoskeletal alignment.  Answering the questions below can identify your need for our services.

Are you in pain and need relief?

Is your activity inhibited by your range of motion?

Has a medical doctor said the only choice for your condition is a surgery with limited chance of resolving your issues?

Are you relying on medication, because surgery didn’t relieve the pain?

Has your doctor said you have a soft tissue condition?

Have you been diagnosed with a skeletal structure issue?

Have you had an MRI or x-ray which showed no reason for the pain you feel?

Then You Need DFW Medical Massage in Rockwall TX!

Medical Massage Offers Option to Medical Physcians


Medical massage is not a replacement for your physician or surgeon, but modern medicine is not the answer to every physical problem you may encounter. Surgery may repair the bone or muscle, but often times the patient still suffers other issues. For instance, examples include, persistent pain, reduced range of motion or lack of strength.  In other situations, medical tests like MRI’s and x-rays reveal no medical reason for a patient’s complaints.   Consequently, all the doctor can offer is pain medication, which comes with a wide variety of side effects, including addiction.

Palpitation is part of myofascial release and myoskeletal alignment therapiesMEDICAL MASSAGE CAN FILL THE PAIN GAP

Palpitation, the primary tool of assessment used by a Medical Massage Practitioner, can identify issues medical tests cannot.  Palpation is a highly technical skill requiring significant knowledge of anatomy.  However, a knowledge of anatomy is only the beginning.  A Medical Massage Practitioner goes through significant training to understand subtle differences in tissue, muscles and organs.  They must learn what these differences indicate and how they can be treated.  As a result, with practice, they can effectively utilize the technique of palpation and apply the proper therapy, like myofascial release therapy or myoskeletal alignment.

Much of the therapy provided by a Medical Massage Practitioner can be traced to problems within the skektal and fascial systems of the body.  Most everyone is familiar with the skeletal system or skeleton.  These are the bones which provide a framework for our bodies.   In contrast, the fascial system is less well-known.

A net bag works for fruit like the fascia does for musclesThe fascia is a web-like system of connective tissues holding your muscles and organs in place.  Think of it like a net bag holding fruit in the grocery store, but a whole lot stronger.  It has been attributed with up to 2000 pounds of tensile strength.  Therefore, you could be in a bad collision and, as with the tomatoes or apricots, your liver could suffer damage.  However, the liver will remain in the net bag of the fascial system, unless you also suffer a severe laceration in that area.

James health was improved by DFW Medical Massage
Before, after & during treatment of skeletal and fascial issues


Once a myoskeletal or fascial problem has been identified by palpitation, there are several types of treatments available to address the problem.  The treatments available at DFW Medical Massage are (follow this link for a glossary of definitions):    

Medical Massage (Multiple Modalities)Myofascial ReleaseMyosketal AlignmentLymphatic Drainage   | Orthopedic Massage  |  Deep Tissue Massage  |  Reflexology   | Prenatal Massage  |  Sports Massage  |  Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Therapy


Before and after treatment of range of motion issues

Another important tool in the healing of skeletal and fascial conditions can be therapeutic exercise.   Qualifying to offer this service requires further licensing and certifications, beyond the usual massage credentials.  Therefore, Dwight Lee Tinney has undertaken the steps necessary to provide his clients with this critical tool in recovery.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has certified Dwight Lee Tinney for corrective exercise, along with other specializations focused on wellness and health.  For this reason, he can recommend therapeutic exercises to address specific needs.  As healing occurs, he can adjust those exercises to fit the level of improvement reached and the goals of the client.

Dwight Lee Tinney can provide unique solutions to your issues of pain, stress and restriction in the skeletal and fascial systems, because he has gone to the extra lengths necessary to provide his clients with complete care. 

Dwight Lee Tinney’s Certifications:

Massage Certifications 

LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) License #MT122214MMP (Medical Massage Practitioner)MFR (Myofascial ReleaseTherapist)MAT (Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist)LDT ( Lymphatic Drainage Therapist), Reflexology (Hand and Foot Therapy)

NASM Sports Medicine Certifications

CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)PES (Performance Exercise Specialist), FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist)